Collection: One-A-Day September

I released original artwork every day during the month of September. Each piece is unique and created for someone special.  Which was made for you? 

1:  For the one who brings out the cheer wherever they go
2:  For the one marching to the beat of their own drum
3:  For the one who adds a little spice to life
4:  For the one who can turn any ol' occasion into a celebration
5:  For the one whose mere presence feels like a warm hug 
6:  For the one who knows there's a season for all things.
7:  For the one who believes in themselves, even when no one else does. 
8:  For the one always on the go, may you remember it’s safe to slow down
9: For the one whose heart craves stillness
10:  For the one brave enough to ask first
11:  For the one willing to jump in first
12:  For the one not afraid to ask 
13:  For the one with the courage to take the fall
14:  For the one who deserves all the good things in life 
15:  For the one who deserves flowers everyday (yeah, talking ‘bout YOU)
16:  For the nurturer
17:  For the quirky one
18:  For the one who ain’t afraid to be a ‘lil strange.
19:  For the one brave enough to be themselves
20:  For the one choosing themselves
21:  For the one who not afraid to be seen
22:  For the one learning to let it go
23:  For the one ready to do the hard work
24:  For the one learning to love every piece of themselves
25:  For the one who tells it like it is
26:  For the one growing their own way
27:  For the one learning to unwind
28:  For the one who day dreams about magic
29:  For the one seeking peace
30:  For the one seeking calm

About the artwork:

  • One-of-a-kind, affordable originals on paper and unstretched canvas
  • mix of styles, studies, and mediums
  • pre-matted to fit a standard frame
  • Size Range: 4x6 (5x7" matted) to 8x10" (11x14" matted)
  • Price range: $45 - $85