Introducing the SELF [LOVE] CELEBRATION Series

Introducing the SELF [LOVE] CELEBRATION Series

UPDATE:  The SELF [LOVE] CELEBRATION Collection has arrived, preview and collect here.

I’ve been surrounded in community of women this last year, and I can’t stop thinking about how powerfully women demonstrate love.

Love for each other.

Love for our communities.

Our families, our friends.

But, oh my heart, I’ve also been thinking about how easy it is for women to slip into showering so much love onto the people around them that the water runs cold before that “love shower” gets turned back onto themselves.

And so I painted about it. (And wrote about it).

Introducing the


17 small paintings, 17 small reminders.

Each painting is titled after a single line of a 17-line poem I wrote. 

Each line of the poem starts “I ❤️ ____”

And it’s all the wishes I have for the love I want the women in my life to have and celebrate for themselves 💖

SELF [LOVE] CELEBRATION was released on February 1, 2024, preview and collect here.

May you discover new ways to love yourself today.



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