Introducing The LILY PADS Collection

Introducing The LILY PADS Collection

The LILY PADS Collection - Available Here

Born of feeling stuck - sometimes we feel stagnant, like there’s no where else to go from here.

But did you know LILY PADS emerge directly from stagnancy - they don’t just live in muddy waters…they GROW and THRIVE.

LILY PADS is an exploration of transformation, of recognizing (and celebrating) that if LILY PADS can grow from stagnant, muddy waters, we can, too. LILY PADS is a reminder of the renewal waiting for us when we can see beyond the murkiness of the moment and when become open to receiving.

LILY PADS is a collection of 22 original mixed media works on paper exploring renewal, transformation, and healing - Inspired by my personal journey navigating invisible chronic illness and the healing I've found along the way.

See the full LILY PADS Collection Here.

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