17 Affirmations for Self-Love

Here's 17 affirmations for self love (and the titles of the 17 works in my latest collection:  SELF [LOVE] CELEBRATION)

Image of "I love my gentle heart" a small painting by artist Alex Hamm.

I 💖 my quiet confidence
I 💖 when my confidence is loud
I 💖 my softness
I 💖 the strength I’ve found

I 💖 the way I ask for help
I 💖 the way I take up space
I 💖 what I’ve learned from my mistakes
I 💖 how I give myself grace

I 💖 who I am becoming
I 💖 who I am right now
I 💖 the woman I was before
I 💖 how I keep showing up for myself

I 💖 my sensitive soul
I 💖 my gentle heart
I 💖 how I strive and thrive
I 💖 all the paths I’ve yet to chart
I 💖 how it feels to be alive

SELF [LOVE] CELEBRATION is a collection of 17 small paintings, 17 affirmations of self-love and self compassion.

Declare your love ✨ Celebrate yourself.


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