🌕 Introducing the MOON CYCLE Series

🌕 Introducing the MOON CYCLE Series

Introducing the MOON CYCLE Series

🌕 The MOON CYCLE Series is a body of artwork intuitively painted in ritual with the New and Full Moons.

On the nights of most New and Full Moons, I paint an entire painting or mini collection - start to finish - in communion with the moon.

🌑It's part of my personal creative and spiritual practice.

The constantly changing Moon reminds us there is season for all things...

🌙Seasons of work and rest.

🌙Some of transformation...others of stillness and reflection.

🌙Seasons of new beginnings, but also of endings.

The Moon reminds us there are phases to life, and (whether we like it or not) sometimes these cycles require us to move - and create - in different ways.

🌑And so while the MOON CYCLE Series is an ongoing body of work, each Moon Ritual also yields a standalone mini collection or single work of art.

It's a reflection of a single moment - of personal contemplation or lessons from that lunar phase.

As an intuitive artist, these reflections guide the painting ritual - from the beginning (selecting medium, colors, etc) to the end (last brush strokes).

The result is artwork so unique that I decided I had to quit keeping it to myself. Introducing...


Painting in ritual with the Moon has been a personal practice for me, and releasing the MOON CYCLE Series marks the first time I'm sharing art from this practice or ever offering the work to be collected.

And honestly? It feels vulnerable, but I hope it encourages you find power in connecting to life's changing phases.


Alex Hamm

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NEW RELEASES: October 13, 2023
PRESALE: October 9-12, 2023 (Email Community Only, join here for future access to new releases)

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